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Your home for business loans, we work conscientiously to match your business with the perfect private lending source to provide operating capital for all of your commercial business needs. Whether it's a hard money loan you need that would come from private lenders, or perhaps traditional financing, let us work with you to get the funding to make that project on your shopping list come together. Small business loans or working capital loan can be obtained for most business purposes. We are your hard money lender connection for business loans.

Equipment financing, is for the business that would like to buy new or used equipment. Equipment refinancing or sometimes known as equipment sale leaseback this is for the business that would like to get cash-out of the equity that is in their equipment, acquire short term operating capital without having to go to their local bank to request a credit line. Save that bank credit line for an emergency let us help you get short term cash the easy way.

We process business loans from $20,000 to more than $1 million through relationships with a broad range of funding sources. The length or term of business loans varies according to the customer's needs but is generally from two to five years. We work to get the best quote for our customers and to offer them the best funding solution available on equipment business loans.

We have over 25 years track record working with business through out the United States. Have you been in business and generating revenue for at least 6 months? If so we have a lending source for you. Most lenders will not provide business loans for clients that have been in business less than 24 months. We have over 50 lending sources that will do just this, lend to companies that have been in business less than 24 months. So if you are a startup or you have been in business for years we are your home for obtaining funding for your business loans and equipment financing needs.

Please visit our directory page and take the opportunity to browse our website to gather more information on our business loans and just what we can offer you for your business financing needs. Or feel free to contact us on line or by phone or email and one of our professional account executives will be happy to assist you. Also you can reach me by phone at 480-219-3712.

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