Business Services & Recruitment

Businesses are not self-sufficient and sometimes, they may be required to work with other businesses that offer support services. Business support services are essential for the proper and efficient running of any organisation as they assist the business to serve its clients in a more efficient manner. What services are we talking about?

Executive recruitment

The recruitment of the top tier jobs such as the brand director jobs in any organisation needs to be done by qualified and experienced personnel. Remember that people at lower levels cannot be trusted to recruit their bosses which means that the business should outsource this service to enhance objectivity and ultimately, the recruitment of the most qualified and experienced candidate.

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Marketing and branding

In large organisations there are marketing and branding departments but these departments may also require external help in some aspects. In smaller businesses, there may not be a department that specialises in marketing and branding necessitating outsourcing the services. The businesses should have a marketing and branding director who will collaborate with the marketing and branding agencies identified to ensure that the brand is represented correctly.


As much as top management can train their employees, most of the times, employees consider external trainings more serious and relevant. Training companies can work with the business to develop modules that are consistent with the training needs in the organisation. Working closely with the head of capacity building or the human resource department, the business can then enhance the improvement of existing skills, induction into modern and efficient ways of doing things and the introduction of new technology and software.

Financial services

Some businesses require expert financial services such as preparation of financial statements, preparing the business for investors and advising the business on tax issues. While these services can be provided internally, the business may require external help from time to time. Businesses also require their books audited periodically in order to ensure the interest of different stakeholders are upheld. These may include the acquisition of loans and investors.

Business process improvement

At some point, a business may reach a stagnation point. This may require a review of the business, its processes and systems for optimisation purposes. The process through which businesses take stock of their processes and systems, look for ways to optimise them in order to improve efficiency is known as business process improvement. This service should be outsourced for two reasons. First, the business and its employees may not be able to recognise areas that require improvement. Secondly, getting the opinion of an external party may lead to better use of resources and time.